Knighted’s Datria™ Voice solution provides hands-free picking commands in multiple languages by leveraging responsive voice recognition technology to facilitate fast, accurate communication between employees and enterprise systems without the use of keyboards, screens or lights. The software enables workflow management of order fulfillment, retail associate prompts, mobile field service and manufacturing. With Datria Voice, performing a task and confirming completion is as simple as carrying on a conversation.

  • Provides up to 35 percent increase in productivity over manual operations
  • Achieves over 99.9 percent fulfillment accuracy rates
  • Enables automation throughout the supply chain: in the warehouse, dock, yard, transportation, delivery, all the way to the retail store floor
  • Innovative, with the most forward-looking technologies
  • Easy-to-use system enables quick training for rapid user acceptance
  • Leverages open industry standards that run on existing infrastructure
  • Supports ruggedized smartphones and non-proprietary handheld and wearable devices, reducing hardware costs and ongoing maintenance
  • Cloud-based model scales to meet the demands of both small and large operations
  • Combines with Vision WMS, WCSPlus® or external software systems for voice enabled solutions

Knighted integrates the most innovative and powerful development technologies including J2EE, XML, VoiceXML and SOAP into applications and framework to deliver the benefits of voice while minimizing total cost of ownership.